Chameleon - trying out Sequoia the easy way - OpenPGP written in Rust

Speaker: Holger Levsen

Track: MiniDebConf Berlin 2024

Type: Short Talk

Room: c-base

Time: May 19 (Sun): 16:30

Duration: 0:20

This short talk will explain to you how (when) to run:

  • apt install gpg-from-sq
  • apt install gpg-sq

and similar with s#gpg#gpgv#.

src:rust-sequoia-chameleon-gnupg is available in unstable (and by the time of the MiniDebConf, hopefully in trixie too) and in this short talk I will explain how you can use it (almost) as a full drop-in replacement today.

Under the hood, the chameleon is sequoia and while you can use OpenPGP like you’ve done it “forever”, there’s more.