preserving *other* build artifacts

Speaker: Holger Levsen

Track: MiniDebConf Berlin 2024

Type: Workshop

Room: c-base

Time: May 19 (Sun): 14:40

Duration: 0:45

Currently when building (official) Debian packages, there are 3 kinds of build artifacts, in this workshop we’ll be going to brainstorm and design a 4th type, which maybe needs a better wiki page name than so let’s explain the 3 current types first:

  1. .deb files, the main results of every (successful) package build
  2. build logs, there’s one per package build per arch
  3. autopackage test logs and results, these have nothing to do with the actual build really.

The 4th type of build artifacts are used eg by src:binutils and src:gccX packages and today are stored in .debs making the builds of these important core packages unreproducible, shiver.

Please read to learn more about this issue and possible ways out. And then please join this workshop if this topic interests you!